• Strayer University Student Portal - This is my full-time job. I oversee the entire development SDLC as well as design and develop the look & feel of features, themes and modules in the student portal using Drupal 7.  I am also involved in the conversion project to Drupal 8.
  • Dulles South Food Pantry - I enjoy giving back to my community.  I volunteer my time and skills to the DSFP by hosting and maintaining their WordPress site.
  • Find Karaoke Tonight - I built this with straight PHP (no framework) back in 2008.  I'm currently in the process of rebuilding this in Drupal 8.
  • The Richmond Area Karaoke Guide - I built this site originally using straight PHP back in 2007, but have since converted it into WordPress. That said, I haven't had the time to fix an error that occurred, and as such it is under maintenance.
  • Christ Church - This site was built in WordPress.  I host and maintain this site voluntarily.